Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My love affair with coffee.

We met later in life, coffee and me, at a bakery shop, and what attracted me to him was a hint of cinnamon in his mix. Some would say that cinnamon masks the flavor of a bold, straight-up cup of coffee and that our first date didn't count as a proper introduction. Coffee knew me, though. From the very beginning. Knew that my tastes were a little more refined. That the only way I might be tempted to sit with him a while was if he dressed himself in the sharp smell of a comfort spice.

Come on over, he seemed to say. Take a sip.

As we got to know each other, we mixed it up a bit: hazelnut, colombian, a bold, french roast. Once or twice, a cafe mocha. He spoiled me. And, soon enough, I let him move in. I bought my own coffee maker, then a french press. I couldn't wake up in the morning, unless I knew he would be there. I needed him.

Like any relationship, we had our ups and downs. Taking a break here and there. It was usually me trying to call things off, citing health reasons. He always balked at that, and I always went back. Always had my sights on the what we had in the beginning: cinnamon sweet.

The illusions of a first date can never be repeated, though. Besides, I had changed. Some days I needed more than he could give. Other days, he gave too much. I was distracted, irritable, on edge. Finally, the unpredictability of it all took a toll. My body ached, my moods sunk low enough that I knew. It was time. And, like all bad break-ups, it happened quick. Overnight. No explanations. Just a tossing of remaining grinds into the trash can, and a knife-to-the-heart visit to a tea store.

"Loose tea." he said. "You'll be back. You'll see."

That was over a month ago.

I think about him sometimes, sure. Once I passed by him in the grocery store, and I saw him out of the corner of my eye, watching, pushing his cinnamon blend to the front of the shelf. Cinnamon in loose tea just isn't the same. He knows it.

What he doesn't know is that loose tea can grow on a person. Add a little honey, mix in a dash of cream, steep it for five minutes. That five minutes of quiet is all we need sometimes, just to settle into each other. And the best part is, there's no drama. No caffeine, no drama.

It's over, Coffee. I've got a new man...Earl. He's rich and smooth and, when we're together, he makes me feel like a real lady.

Coffee. Could you quit?




  1. Christi, this was the perfect start to my week! I have an ongoing secret affair with Earl (definitely my favorite of the tea temptations), and I especially love our steamy hint-of-cream tea latte afternoons, but I still am married for better or worse to Mr. Bean.

  2. One whole month -- you did it! Earl is one lucky man. :) I have never needed coffee every morning, but it had become quite the habit, so we're down to one date a week.

  3. Great post! This is so timely for me. I have to give real thought to eliminating caffeine due to a recent health issue .... and I DON'T want to. It scares me. I drink herbal tea all day long after my morning java fix, but, oh, I do love my morning java fix. :-)

  4. Wonderful post. I have never dated Mr. Joe (although I named a child after him) and only late in life have I started enjoying his smell. I have been a loose tea lover for decades now. Strong black tea can make you so happy but a bit of green or white tea is soothing and the healthiest of them all. Ah, and you can use loose tea in baking too!

  5. Lisa, Looks like we're in for a double date with Earl soon.
    Sarah and Pam, It has been hard at times, but once I got through those first several days of withdrawal and "the fog", I felt much better.
    And Anonymous, Loose tea in baking? I'm going to have to look that up! Thanks for stopping by :)